Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A New Method?

Hi - missed yesterday because of the Senior Project Dinner - basically I graduate next Friday and so the events are coming fast and furious. Not kidding - I'm busy every day next week.

Anyway, I'm due for a post about detective stories. Specifically, why I find the idea of writing a novel which centers on a police investigation to be difficult.

And that would be because you have to know the ending.

I don't know who the bad guy is. I don't know how the book will end. I don't have any clues to sprinkle through because, well, I've basically got no clue what's going on. Anything I try to come up with sounds contrived at best. I'm inclined to try the "just go with it and see what happens" approach, and then go back and add clues and red herrings and whatever.

That all remains to be seen.

I'm actually tempted to write this out of order, too. Part of the reason I'm stuck on the fantasy novel is that I'm writing linearly and I've gotten to a scene I don't particularly want to write. I think I just have to go with what comes to me and put it together later. I mean, my current method isn't working too well. What have I got to lose?

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