Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Status Update #7

I'm not going to do the whole thing right now. Sorry.

Word Count: 28,827

Friday, November 12, 2010

Status Update #6

Word Count: 14387 (still behind, but telling myself that that is what the weekends are for)
Current Scene: 4.5 (I had to add one)
Current Chapter: 2
Characters Killed: 0
Characters Going to be Killed: 1
Sentences of Pure Nonsense Written: 1

Summary: Scene 4 introduces Aoibheann (pronounced Aevan in my world...yes I know it's different in real life but I don't care. I've decided that I like this combination of spelling and pronunciation), an elf (and royal princess) who really wants to see the world. 500 years ago the elves withdrew into their forest and metaphorically slammed the door, because they didn't want anything to do with those stupid humans and their bloody wars. The leftover magic from the war that caused this, by the way, is part of the reason why Robin and co. are stuck in the clearing that won't let them leave. So anyway, Aoibhe (Aeva, aka Ava) has decided that, as the next in line for the throne, she should know what else is going on in the world. So she goes, but actually she's pretty darn nervous because she's never really left elf-world before and she's never met a human and has heard that they're barbaric savages.

Scene 4.5: Aoibhe is happily riding along in the forest when she is suddenly interrupted by the telepathic thoughts of a girl (Ithelle as she is running through the forest). She thinks that it's very strange to find someone with that much untrained telepathic ability - and dangerous, so she goes after her. She comes upon the clearing where they're all stuck and decides to listen in for a bit because she's shy. A shy elf. Geez.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm So Behind.

I need some motivation. I need to get through 5k tonight to be back on track. Not gonna happen. But maybe I can do half that?

I'll be up late, clearly.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Interesting Site

which discusses many of the problems encountered in fantasy. I'll be adding it to the links.

Limyaael's Rants

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Status Update #5

Word count: 7860
Current Scene: 3
Current Chapter: back to 1 again
Characters Killed; 0...but getting closer

Summary: Our four travellers (Robin, Dorstan, Halle, Teren) head out with the dawn. There's some tension between Teren and everybody because he's a pain in the ass. As they're riding, they hear a rustle in the bushes. A young girl runs out in front of them on the road, sees them, and takes off. Robin, being the gentleman that he is, goes after her. They catch up and it turns out she's from a nearby village that has been attacked by bandits and she is the sole survivor that we know of.

- small gap because I was loosing steam on this part -

It's decided that Ithelle (that's the girl's name) should go with them because really, what else is she going to do? They try to return to the road. Robin soon realizes that the forest, being magical, is changing every second and they're all totally lost. cue dramatic music.

I also added an Interlude between scenes 2 and 3. An interlude, in my novel at least, is mini-scene, written in first person (the rest of the novel is in 3rd), and written  much more in a stream-of-consciousness style. I don't know if they'll make it into the final draft but for now they're helping me with character development and they're easy to write (and therefore boost my wordcount)...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Status Update #4

Word count: 3437
Current Scene: finished 2, started 4
Current Chapter: 1, and a little bit of 2
Characters Killed: still 0...but not for long

Summary: This other random guy also decides to join up. Robin is not pleased because he's getting some bad vibes, but he can't really say no.

Then a little jump to the next chapter (skipped scene 3 because it was long and I was tired). Aoibheann (don't ask, she's an elf) has decided to leave the forest in which the elves have remained apart from the outside world for the past 500 years. She's been preparing: reading everything she can find in the library, copying maps, etc. She's all set. Now she has to go tell her father.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Status Update #3.5

Word count: 1,762 (ahead of schedule!)
Current Chapter:1
Current Scene: 2
Characters Killed : 0

Summary: The traders show up, and with them a strange guy who gives Robin the stink eye. Later in the evening there's a party at the inn. Dorstan makes an impassioned speech about being a mercenary and recruits Robin and Halle to go join the army with him.

Status Update #3

Word count: 445

Current Chapter: 1

Current Scene: 1

Characters killed: 0 (well, 1 but he doesn't know it yet)

Summary: Robin and Dorstan talk about the recently posted notice asking for volunteers to join the army. Dorstan says he wants to join, for a variety of reasons. Robin, being rather unattached, decides to go as well. They head to the inn.

I've still got a ways to go if I mean to make 1,667 tonight. Speaking of which...