Thursday, August 23, 2012

What on Earth was I reading as a child?

For some reason, today, I had pop into my head the memory of a book I read a long time ago. It was a book I had checked out from the library. I couldn't remember the title or the author or really much about the plot but I did some google searching and eventually found it!

The point of this anecdote is twofold. One, it really sucks that you can't search for a book by description. Yes, keywords can sometimes yield results (like they did for me), and yes, there are sites out there with communities of people devoted to helping you figure out what book you're looking for. But still.

The other thing I drew from this is the conclusion in the title of this post. The book is a paranormal romance. There's a decent amount of sexytimes in there...and these are the kinds of books I was reading as a little girl. I actually think the first time I learned about sex was reading a book. Always being a responsible child, and I like to think reasonably mature for my age, I was always given a great degree of freedom in what I checked out. I really don't know where I'm going with this. Clearly I'm out of practice in writing blog posts.

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