Thursday, July 7, 2011

Harry Potter #2 / Julno Update #3

Sorcerer's Stone: finished (actually, yesterday)
Chamber of Secrets: waiting for Hermione (yes, another codename) to finish
Prisoner of Azkaban: not started
Goblet of Fire: not started
Order of the Phoenix: not started
Half-Blood Prince: not started
Deathly Hallows: not started

L&O: Vampires

Word count: 3,457
Characters introduced:15
Characters killed: 1 (she was dead when introduced)
Vampires: 4 (Piper, as-of-yet-unnamed clubowner, random vamp couple)
Werewolves: 2 (Corrigan, Reyes)
Humans: 8 (Mallory, rookie, dead girl, security guard, girls at the bar, bartender, receptionist)
Unknown: 1 (Harry Wong, the tech guy. I haven't decided what he is yet.)

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