Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Status Update #8!

Word Count: It's Complicated
Current Scene: 4.5 / 6 (skipped 5)
Current Chapter: 2
Characters Killed: 0 - but he's been stabbed in the stomach so it's only a matter of time.

Summary (of 4.5...summary of 6 coming tomorrow): Aoibhe's skulking around listening in on the travelers. Dorstan is telling Halle and Ithelle stories about when he was a mercenary. Aoibhe thinks Robin may have spotted her and goes back to where her horse is waiting. She hangs out there  for a bit, gets her courage up, and walks into the clearing.

Of course, Teren immediately sticks a sword in her throat.

Aoibhe decides not to disarm him b/c she doesn't want to start a fight - and first impressions are important. Eventually they decide she's not a threat, especially because she says she can get them out of the clearing of doom...and they're kinda desperate at this point. They decide to trust her for the time being. Teren, of course, complains that they can't trust a complete stranger; Dorstan responds that as far as he's concerned, Teren is a complete stranger "and a far less useful one".

This scene also includes one of my favorite lines so far:

“It’s rude, “ said Teren eventually, “to listen in on private conversations.”
Aoibhe raised one eyebrow.“Conversations held at full volume in the middle of a forest are hardly private.” 

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