Monday, January 24, 2011

Some Focus Is Needed

My projects are running away from me.

It started out with a manageable (or so I thought) "I should write a novel"...but things have gotten completely out of hand.

I spend almost all my time thinking about it.

In English class, when we are discussing the same passage for the fourth time and rehashing the same points, I start writing. I average about a page longhand per class - I would do better if I didn't have to take notes at the same time. While on the bus in the morning, entire scenes play themselves out in my head. I've got enough material for three novels and two short stories, I think. It's crazy.

It's fantastic.

I feel much more motivated to work now, especially since college applications are in and school is basically over in a month and a half. I wrote 873 words last night, and I didn't even stay up late. Well, later than usual.

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